Hen party themes

MAMMA MIA: Whilst learning a routine to the ABBA classics from the fastest selling ‘feel good’ worlwide hit musical ‘Mamma Mia’ you will become a true dancing Queen for the Day! By the end of this workshop you will shimmying/hip thrusting/Jiving and clapping away, and of course singing along to the irresistable words of the classics. You will not be able to resist!

  • ERA: 70’S
  • DRESS CODE: Bright colours/ Flares/Glitter/Sequins/Ruffles/ Catsuits/ Flat Footwear

FLASH DANCE: Releasing your inner dancer in this workshop is not the problem, its reigning it back in again! this vibrant sexy routine will send sparks flying!! Take your passion, and make it happen!!!

  • ERA: 80’S
  • DRESS CODE: Leg warmers/Leggings/tutu’s/sweatbands/flat footwear

THRILLER: This Classic tune is one that everybody knows, through this workshop you will learn MJ’s signature moves that made him the king of pop! this sesnsationally scary thrill will have you trembling at your feet!

  • ERA: 80’S
  • DRESS CODE: Zombies: ripped/torn clothing/face paint/fake blood/back combed hair: Michael Jackson: skinny jeans/red leather jacket/white socks/gloved hand/shoulder padS

FAME: High kicks/jumps/sky touching choreography will help you pass the test for the stage school! this high enery workshop will sure take you back to the 80’s!

  • ERA: 80’s
  • DRESS CODE: Bright colours/leg warmers/leotards/sweatbands/flat shoes

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: Prepare to dance the night away, as once you start this workshop you wont want to stop, the cheesy disco dancing moves of the 70’s will sure take over your body and take you dancing to the dance floor all night long!!

  • ERA: 70’s
  • DRESS CODE: Flares/Glitter/Sequins/lycra/Afro’s/ hotpants/mini-skirts/ flat shoes

GREASE: Become one of the pink ladies, as you learn to twist and jive..to the memorable tunes or grease, this is sure to get your pulse racing!!!

  • ERA: 60’s
  • DRESS CODE: Leather jackets/ skinny jeans/ black t-shirts/pastol colours/ full skirts/pink ladies jackets/neck scarves/ flat shoes

CHICAGO: Want to Learn the Razzle Dazzle of Chicago, With ‘Cell block tango’ and ‘All that Jazz’. this is the longest running broadway musical ever to play the westend. This raunchy, seductive routine will take you to a world of sin!

  • ERA: 20’s
  • DRESS CODE: Glamourous/Black leotards/Corsets/Fishnets/Stockings/Vintage/ Vampy/Small Heels

DIRTY DANCING: Dance like your having the time of your life, by taking baby out of the corner, and taking centre stage, reminising to the nostalgic sounds of the award winning film and musical! dont forget your Watermelons!

  • ERA: 60’s
  • DRESS CODE: Pastol Colours/full skirts/cropped trousers/flat shoes/Watermelons optional

SEXY STREET: Think Rihanna, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls. ladies you will be transformed into one of these sassy divas, strutting, posing and shaking your thang, these sexy routines are sure to be used on the dance floor later!

  • ERA: Now
  • DRESS CODE: Casual clothing/baggy jeans/cropped tops/ high top shoes

HIP HOP: Get ready to bust some moves, hard core style, throwing some attitude into the mix, want to move like the music videos, then this workshop is the perfect mix of hard core statement moves, and a variety of hip hop styles!

  • ERA: Now
  • DRESS CODE: Off the shoulder tops/ baggy jogs/jeans/ MC Hammer trousers/ high tops

MOULIN ROUGE: This Risque, seductive workshop will tranform you ladies into the sexy showgirls you are, prepare youself for this jaw dropping workshop!

  • ERA: 20’s
  • DRESS CODE: Corsets/Fishnets/sequins/feathers/small heels/ruffled skirts

AUSTIN POWERS: This theme tune will surely put you in the mood for some funky outrageous alternative moves which you will no doubt want to use on the dancefloor after! This wacky workshop is sure to release your ‘alternative side’ – please do not try this at home!!

  • ERA: 60’s
  • DRESS CODE: Psychedelic, flower power/ glasses/ flat shoes
  • PROPS NEEDED: Geeky Glasses!

HAIRSPRAY: This hit musical ‘Hairspray’ will take you back to the 60’s moves of hip twisting, shimmying, and those alternative dance moves that hit the dancefloors back then, using some of the classic songs of the musical will ensure your ready to take to the stage ready for ‘The Corny Collins show’

  • ERA: 60’s
  • DRESS CODE: Big hair/bows/full skirts/neck scarves/alice bands/and lots of hairspray!!

CHEERLEADING: Shaking your pom poms like a true cheerleader will send you back to those high school days, the workshop is high energy, tons of fun, and if your feeling adventurous, try some lifts/stunts and flips: optional of course!

  • ERA: 80’s
  • DRESS CODE: Cropped tops/pleated skirts/ankle socks/pumps/pigtails and pom poms
  • PROPS NEEDED: Pom Poms

BURLESQUE: Learn how to strut your stuff like a catwalk model, shimmy like a show girl and tease your way through any situation. this workshop will guarantee to make you feel like a sassy/sexy and confident woman, escaping to a world of glitz and glamour releasing your alter-ego.

  • ERA: 20’s-present
  • DRESS CODE: Glamourous/stockings/corsets/feather boas/ opera gloves/heels
  • PROPS NEEDED: Opera gloves

LADY GAGA: learn some of the hottest moves from the pop queen herself, moves from telephone, poker face, and bad romance will bring out the inner diva, prepare to dance like no ones watching

  • ERA: Present
  • DRESS CODE: Weird and Wonderful/big glasses/face masks/shoulder pads/80’s style/telephones optional

MADONNA: Want to become a Pop Diva like Madonna herself, then this is the workshop for you, learning some of the iconic vogue moves, you will strut/pose and own the floor quicker than youcan say ‘Get into the groove’

  • ERA: 80’s
  • DRESS CODE: Leotards/leggings/leg Warmers/80’s

BEYONCE: Think ‘Single Ladies’ and transform yourself onto the centre stage, being a sexy diva-licious star, strutting your stuff, by the end of the workshop, you will be striking some fierce poses, and tossing your hair like beyonce herself, there wont be any ‘Single Ladies’ after this workshop!!

  • ERA: Present
  • DRESS CODE: Black/ Glamourous/Leotards/Big Hair/Small Heels